Opening 21st May

Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff by Chef Tommy Heaney

Uisce (ISH-ka) is our new coffee and wine bar will be opening in Pontcanna on the 21st May 2019. Uscie will be small, cosy and inviting, serving rustic comfort food, snacks and some of my favourite charcutrie from around the world.

Uisce (meaning water)is quite personal to us! As well as something that seems to fall from the sky endlessly in Ireland and Wales, water is the source of everything including life itself.

This is the location where we launched the pop up which was the source and beginning for us!

Uscie is the base of everything we will do - bread, coffee and wine! We really hope you enjoy and look forward to welcoming you all soon

Sunday | 10am-2pm
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 9am-4pm/ 6.30pm-11pm
Wednesday | 9am-4pm/ 6.30pm-11pm
Thursday | 9am-4pm / 6.30pm-11pm
Friday |9am-4pm / 6.3pm -12am
Saturday | 9am-4pm / 6.30pm -12am

Tommy and Nikki

4 Romilly Crescent
CF11 9NR